About us

Every issuer is unique

At the Berens-Tate Consulting Group, we understand that every issuer and every tax-exempt bond is unique. Issuers deserve more than a philosophy of “one size fits all” or an approach that requires annual rebate calculations on all bonds. We develop an approach that is right for each issuer and customize our service to fit their needs.

Unmatched client service

Client service is not just a marketing slogan to us – it is woven into the fabric of our daily operations. We encourage clients to contact us with issues or questions that arise related to their bonds. In addition, we are separate from an issuer’s bond counsel, underwriter/financial advisor, and trustee. This enables us to independently analyze the information, potential issues, and application of regulations, while still being part of an issuer’s finance team.

We help manage bonds

Arbitrage rebate calculations,  verification reports, and the preparation of Schedule K continue to be the primary services we provide. However, increased IRS oversight, changes in tax-exempt bond structures, and fluctuations in the market have caused the need for additional help in managing the bonds. Therefore, we routinely assist issuers with responses to IRS examinations, analysis of the spending exceptions, and debt service coverage reports.