Verification Reports

Our service consists of verification of the mathematical accuracy of certain computations relating to the  bonds contained in schedules provided to us by the financial advisor or underwriter. Our report verifies the cash flow sufficiency of the escrow account and that the applicable yield restrictions have been met.


  • Calculate the future cash receipts from the escrow investments.
  • Calculate the debt service requirements related to the refunded bonds.
  • Determine if there will be sufficient cash receipts to pay the debt service requirements.
  • Determine the applicable yield restriction and compare it to the yield calculated on the escrow investments.
  • Compare the information contained in our analysis to independent documentation, such as the official statement, escrow agreement, and SLGS Subscription Forms or Broker Confirmations.


  • Prepare a report in an easily understood format, which describes the procedures which were performed and the results of our testing. Verification reports usually have to be signed by a Certified Public Accounting (“CPA”) firm. Therefore, our verification reports are issued through our licensed CPA firm, Chris D. Berens, CPA, P.C.